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Hi. I’m Lotenna, a passionate designer with experience as a Creative Lead. I’ve had the opportunity to lead diverse teams of directors, managers, writers, strategists, researchers, engineers, and designers in both agency and in-house settings. Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring various roles, from being a product-sales rep and small business owner to a flash developer and advertising art director. These experiences have given me a unique perspective, one that values empathy and collaboration to inspire multidisciplinary teams. I’m always eager to learn, build, and have fun while doing it.

Fun Facts

My full name is Lotenna Oranefo Valtor Enwonwu. I learned how to play the viola when I was 8. The cello when I was 12. I fixed credit card machines at 14 – over the phone tech support. And built a recording studio when I was 17. I saved up and bought all the equipment myself. At 20, I apprenticed at a barbershop. At 24, I got lost on a volcano during a trip to Panama. That same night I went to see a traditional cockfight. I met MC Hammer once. I have three kids, have had two dogs and I’m still with the one wife that keeps crushing me at Scrabble. I’m keen on good times, good work, and genuine people. And I don’t usually use the word keen.

Some Interviews

The Design Observer’s The Design of Business | The Business of Design podcast (who has had clients of all sorts of industries, designers, and creatives the likes of Janelle Monáe) – invited me to the show to be interviewed by Jessica Helfand and Ellen McGirt. I had a blast. 


I had the pleasure of chatting with the fantastic team at Speedbumps and our conversation covered a range of fascinating topics. We talked about the evolution of creative teams and their growing importance today and in the future. We also delved into the relationship between marketing and creative teams, highlighting the human-centered advantage that it brings. We discussed how this collaboration can drive brand authenticity, which is more than just a buzzword but a crucial factor in making a real impact for a business. Our conversation also touched on the role of inclusion in design and learning, and much more. It was truly an engaging and thought-provoking discussion.

AAF (American Advertising Federation) district 4 invited me to be interviewed, speak, and be a judge for the AD Path Student Conference. 

Advertising strategy during the big game, which demographics are being left out, favorite spots and my approach to brands. AdForum wanted to know. 

Stuff I Shared

So you decided you really want to be a CD. I’m so happy you chose this path. There are so many stories and adventures. Filled with joy and pain. Stress and excitement. Nervousness. Victory. And a ton of amazing people … read more

When I was a boy, I heard “fear is better than respect”. I took it as you needed to make sure people feared you so respect was always shown. This would lead to tasks always being completed correctly. The meaner you were … read more

Pancake Luncheon (Podcast)

Pancake Luncheon is a series of conversations between 3 friends who happen to have different professions that only overlap in the corporate norms shared on each episode. A startup founder, a seasoned executive and a creative leader have candid discussions about life in and out of the office … enjoy.

Some Kind Words

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