Web Design

State Farm

About the Project

Buying Insurance, opening bank accounts, and making investments wouldn’t exactly be described as the sexiest things to do, let alone online. I was tasked with updating the look of the website and refreshing the design system. The approach was to simplify the experience and remove as much of the noise and jargon as possible. Keep it light and conversational. We created applications (internal and external facing), upgraded the visual language, and set the enterprise standard for the processes for projects when UX is involved.
State Farm is a company almost 100 years old. It’s was a given that there would be some systems that were outdated or didn’t even exist. The Product Delivery Model was one of those systems. We used this to evangelize the value of user experience as a department and the expectations and process throughout any project that involved UX and the project stakeholders.
After all the work with the team was completed, I created a presentation to tell our story. It received rave reviews and quickly there was a demand for the deck. Unfortunately, the deck had no notes which made it almost impossible for others to accurately present the information with only imagery.  So I decided to create a leave behind document to go with the presentation. This document quickly transformed into a 115 page, 17×11 coffee table book that explains the design evolution.